Proposition 2 will be on the November 6, 2018 ballot for St. Louis County voters. Proposition 2 ensures St. Louis County parks cannot be sold or disposed of without a vote of the people, provides residents a say over major changes in parkland, and does not raise taxes or fees.


Over many years, our St. Louis County Parks have been vulnerable to political and financial instability. Numerous attempts to sell, close, dispose of or transfer public parkland for private use has occurred. Public outcry to protect parkland from these destabilizing factors has consistently been loud and clear.  And now heard!

It was the abundance of compelling and concerned voices from residents, parks users and grassroots organizations that brought them together with members of the St. Louis County Council to shape a resolution. After lengthy discussions, consensus was reached between many grassroots voices and the St. Louis County Council. Proposition 2 was not only approved unanimously by the St. Louis County Council, but it is endorsed by numerous organizations and individuals.

The proposed ordinance and language for Proposition 2 is available here.

At a glance

  • Any St. Louis County land that is designated and used as a County Park shall not be sold, leased, given away or otherwise disposed of without a vote of the residents of St.Louis County.

  • Situations may arise in the future where selling, exchanging, leasing, etc. public parkland is supported by the public vote.

  • This proposition does not ban all development, it merely requires that we, the people who own the parks, have a say in what happens to the land.

  • A YES vote for Proposition 2 supports the St. Louis County Councils decision to give residents a voice on what happens to the parkland residents own and pay tax dollars to maintain.  

  • It is not a tax increase.

  • Similar laws already work well in St. Louis city and numerous St. Louis County municipalities, including Kirkwood, University City and Olivette.

The growing influence of developers, politicians and government officials in recent years seeking to make big changes to County Parks without a public vote needs to be counterbalanced with the public’s best interests in mind. Proposition 2 would give the public the final say over how our parks are used in the future.
— Gene McNary, Former St. Louis County Executive